Your Data, Centralised.
Your Operations, Streamlined.

The Ketendo Platform gives you immediate business clarity,
control, and confidence in the palm of your hand. 

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Easy-to-customise to suit your needs

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No technical expertise required

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Centralise and share multiple reports on one web platform

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Optimise and automate operations for streamlined efficiency

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Zero Technical Expertise Needed

Ketendo: Your Power BI,
Plug & Play 

Tired of dealing with the complexities of Power BI and Azure just to share your Power BI reports? Ketendo changes the game. We provide a seamless analytics experience where the technical heavy lifting is on us. No need for Azure expertise or complex configurations.

We provide the Azure resources you need, including Power BI Embedded, so you can focus on what matters most: your data, and your insights.

Simply bring your data, and we'll handle the rest. You can even publish and share you existing Power BI reports!

No Tech Headaches,
Just Powerful Insights

With Ketendo, you don't need to supply your own database systems, but if you already have one, Ketendo can effortlessly integrate with your existing databases, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud.

The Ketendo team is standing by to help you get started in no time. Forget complex configurations and leave the technical headaches to us. With Ketendo, there is no BYOA (Bring Your Own Azure), you get it all: the power of Power BI Embedded without the technical burden.

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Save time, save
costs, save effort

Ketendo Users

Tailored and turnkey
to meet your needs

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Share professional-
looking reports with ease

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Beyond Dashboards. Your All-in-One Power BI Solution. 

Ketendo's all-in-one solution empowers your team with the full power of Power BI, minus the technical overhead. Focus on extracting insights, not managing infrastructure. Experience the difference with Ketendo – where analytics is effortless, insights are unleashed, and your data shines.

Share Interactive Reports to Internal and External Users for Limitless Business Intelligence. 

Ketendo is more than just a reporting platform. It's your brand's data showcase.
We transform your raw data – from Excel files to SQL databases to any other source using Power BI. With Ketendo, you control the narrative. Customise the look and feel of your platform to match your brand identity, and create a seamless extension of your company's online presence.
But we go beyond aesthetics. Ketendo empowers your team to collaborate, analyse, and make data-driven decisions directly within the platform. With features like near real-time updates, customisable dashboards, and granular access controls, you can ensure that everyone has the right information at the right time.
For businesses who need comprehensive reports, or may require a safe, secure platform to share comprehensive reports and data analysis to clients, Ketendo is the platform of choice.

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Zero Technical Expertise Needed
All the Technical resources provided in one solution.

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Improved Visibility 
Data visualisation for intuitive insights.

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Greater Resilience 
Respond faster, be more agile, and act with confidence.

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Faster, More Accurate Decisions 
Your insights are always current.

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Superior Operational Oversight 
Connect a wide range of data sources.

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Granular Access Control 
Manage who sees what. Secure sharing for internal and external users.

Turn data into insights.
Turn insights into action. 

Leverage the ease and security of Ketendo Analytics to share and monetise your data. Gain greater clarity and visibility with the platform that integrates multiple data sources from various systems. So you can see further, choose better, and act faster. Increase your profitability, sales margins, and overall efficiency with Ketendo Analytics.

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Sharing is Safe and

With the Ketendo Analytics module, it is so easy and safe to share your existing and custom-developed interactive Power BI reports with both internal and external clients.
Foster collaboration and facilitate data-driven discussions and decisions within your team.


Setup and Support is Fast and User-Friendly

Your very own customised platform can be set up and ready to go within a matter of a few hours.

No more complicated, manual processes. Just smooth, effortless sharing of your Power BI reports in minutes. Our support team are available to ensure you get the most out of your customised platform.


Manage, Monitor, and Maintain Data in One Place

Integrate multiple data sources from various systems into a single platform. Seamlessly gather and share important information via the Ketendo web portal and mobile app.

Grow your data sharing capabilities as your business expands. Eliminate the back-and-forth of multiple platform logins, licences, and document versions.

Ketendo Data Analytics Platform

Fully Customisable Reports

Create a custom-branded portal for your organisation and customers to securely access content in minutes. A 100% white-label application allows you to apply your corporate branding.

Connect Your Data.
Craft Your Story. 

Ketendo’s White-labelling Lets You Create Your Own Custom-Branded Data Analysis and Report-Sharing Platform

The Ketendo Platform is a highly customisable data analytics and operations platform that allows you to share interactive reports with ease. Our easy-to-use white-labelling capabilities give you the power to personalise the platform as you choose. So the data does the talking, and it’s always your brand that shines.

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Apply Your Own Company Branding 
Customise the platform to match your brand.

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Commercialise Your Own Products and Services 
Monetise your data products and services.

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Make Data Analysis and Automation Work For You 
Grow your data sharing capabilities as your business expands.

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Reduce Costs Through Process Automation 
Save time, reduce error, and improve productivity.

Ketendo Customisable Dashboards

Effortless Power BI Report Sharing 

Ketendo's intuitive platform requires no technical knowledge to configure and set up. Sharing your Power BI reports is as easy as clicking a button.

Digitised Operations That Translate into Operational Excellence.

Unblock Bottlenecks. Unleash More Productivity. Digitise Your Workflow.

Manual processes could be holding back your business. Delays, human errors, bottlenecks are keeping you from reaching your business’s objectives. Ketendo's operational digitisation platform transforms your workflows, turning tedious tasks into a source of actionable insights.
Our Operations platform streamlines and digitises your operations, tracks performance with pinpoint accuracy, and empowers you with the analytics needed to make data-driven decisions. With Ketendo, unlock the hidden potential within your business processes and achieve operational excellence.

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Powerful Analytics
Uncover trends, bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement with advanced analytics tools.

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Integration Capabilities
Connect with your existing software systems for seamless data exchange.

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Mobile Accessibility 
Monitor and manage your digitised processes from anywhere, on any device.

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Customisable Digitisation 
Ketendo is a customisable operational platform that helps you meet your digitisation goals.

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Intuitive Interface 
The user-friendly platform makes it easy to create, manage, and monitor digitised processes.

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Near Real-Time Tracking 
Gain immediate visibility into your operations with live dashboards and reports.

Ketendo Dashboard Laptop Overview

Streamline. Analyse. Optimise.
The Benefits of Ketendo’s Digitisation.

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Increased Efficiency
Eliminate manual errors, reduce processing time, and improve overall productivity.

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Save on Costs
Streamline operations, minimise waste, and optimise resource allocation.

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Data-Driven Decision Making
Gain valuable insights into your processes for informed decision-making.

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Enhanced Visibility
Monitor performance in real-time for proactive issue resolution.

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Improved Compliance
Ensure adherence to regulatory standards and internal policies.

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Adapt and grow your digitised processes as your business evolves.

Ketendo is Ideal for Businesses
Who Want Clarity and Growth

Are you frustrated by the continous battle to manually collect, clean and consolidate data from various data sources and systems across your business? Ketendo combined with our expert services can automate these processes to make your business simpler, faster and better.



Battling to get a consolidated view of your important financial metrics across your business? Ketendo integrates seemlessly with accounting packages like Xero which enables powerful, visual and informative financial reports.

Go beyond standard management accounts and unleash the power of your financial data by integrating it with your other operational data sources.


High Value Crops

Up to date and clear communication between Exporters and their Producer clients are critical during the export season. Managing this with manual, Excel-based reporting is extremely time-consuming and costly.

Ketendo offers accurate financial and forecast reporting with planning capabilities by combining sales data, tree estimations, pricing estimations and crates picked.

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Visualise project timelines, track budgets, and monitor safety compliance on a centralised platform. Share reports with clients or stakeholders to ensure transparency and project success.

Automate material ordering, streamline inspection processes, digitise project documentation for improved collaboration and risk management.

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ESG Reporting

Keep your clients informed with the required operational Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data without the need to email and consolidate manual Excel spreadsheets anymore.

Ketendo makes it easy to share ESG reports internally and externally with clients.



Visualise production metrics, track machine performance, and monitor quality control data on a centralised platform. Share insights with stakeholders to optimise production processes.

Automate production scheduling, streamline inventory management, digitise quality control processes for improved productivity and reduced downtime.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Showcase occupancy rates, customer satisfaction scores, and revenue trends on a branded platform. Share reports with hotel owners or tourism boards to highlight performance.

Automate booking processes, manage housekeeping schedules, track inventory levels in real-time for improved guest experiences and operational efficiency.

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Visualise sales data, inventory turnover, and customer purchasing patterns on interactive dashboards. Share reports with suppliers or stakeholders to optimise product offerings.

Automate inventory management, streamline checkout processes, digitise supply chain management for improved efficiency and reduced costs.



Share financial performance reports, risk assessments, and customer behaviour analyses securely with stakeholders. White-label the platform to maintain brand trust.

Automate loan processing, streamline customer onboarding, digitise fraud detection systems for increased security and operational efficiency.



Showcase property listings, visualise market trends, and track sales performance on a branded platform. Share insights with clients to make informed decisions.

Automate property management tasks, streamline lease agreements, digitise property inspections for improved client service and operational efficiency.



Monitor extraction rates, track equipment utilisation, and visualise geological data on interactive dashboards. Share reports with stakeholders to optimise resource allocation.

Automate safety inspections, streamline maintenance schedules, digitise resource tracking for improved safety and operational efficiency.

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Services Industry

Use the Analytics Module to centralise client reports and create interactive dashboards showcasing campaign performance or financial health.

Operational Digitisation can automate invoice processing, streamline client onboarding, digitise marketing campaign workflows for efficiency and data-driven insights.

Meet Our Team

Meet the leadership team behind Ketendo that make this
product and our service exceptional.

Jaco Ferreira

Jaco Ferreira 

Managing Executive

Tienie de Klerk

Tienie de Klerk 

Delivery Manager

Fanie le Roux

Fanie le Roux 

Product Manager

Reinhard Labuschagne 

Reinhard Labuschagne 

Business Development Manager

Ruan Vermaak

Ruan Vermaak

Data Analytics Manager

Adlie Hendriks

Adlie Hendricks

Software Development Manager

Your Business, Transformed

No matter your industry, Ketendo empowers your business to unlock its full potential.

It is a pleasure doing business with Moyo! They are invaluable problem-solvers who truly understand our business and needs. Our relationship is characterized by high trust and dependability. We and our clients have greatly benefited from their data analytics services and the Ketendo platform.”

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Wim Morris
COO, Skynamo

Ketendo has given us the opportunity to move away from Excel based reporting. Having our own database coupled with Ketendo’s BI capabilities, has drastically improved our reporting capabilities and data integrity. Ketendo support has been outstanding and gives us peace of mind that queries are dealt with in a timely manner.”

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Jandre Wessels
Director, Agri Management Solutions

The Ketendo team is exceptional! They got us publishing our own Power BI reports to Ketendo within hours. Thanks to Ketendo, we no longer need to share reports manually with our clients. The process is incredibly simple and saves us a significant amount of time."

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George Robertson
CEO & Founder

We have been working with Moyo since 2020 and I can truly commend them on the professionalism of their service. Their authentic partnering ‘way of work’ lays the foundation for a trustworthy relationship and turning creative ideas into powerful business intelligence tools!

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JP Barnard
Head of Finance

It is Time for Enhanced Visibility, Clarity, and Efficiency. 

Enquire About Your Custom Ketendo Platform Solution Today

Your needs are unique, and your solution will depend on your business needs. We are standing by to tailor the right solution for your data analytics and operations digitisation requirements.

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Enabling people and organisations to prosper in digital economy

The Ketendo Platform is a groundbreaking solution designed and built by MOYO, combining MOYO's expertise in data analytics, digital transformation, and dedication to client success.

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